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Sugar Free Halloween Candy To Buy Your Little Ones

Halloween is a holiday that is synonymous with chocolate and other sweets. These foods can wreak havoc on your little ones’ teeth. A smarter way to celebrate is with sugar free candy. There are a umber of options on the market that taste good and that will not increase the risks of developing cavities. Here are some of the best treats that will preserve your children’s dental health.

“Unreal Candy”

Unreal Candy is a brand created by Nicky Bronner. She is a teenager who strives to provide sweets that are packed with natural ingredients and contain 40 percent less sugar than regular candy. All the items in her line are related to popular big-label brands. For instance, you will be able to purchase “Gummie Ones,” which are resemble M&Ms, or “The Double One,” which is packed with chocolate and peanut butter.

Chewy Toffee

The popular “Werther’s” brand has been around for a long time. People enjoy the delicious toffee taste. Recently, the manufacturer introduced a full line of sugar free candy. It is possible to select sweets flavored like coffee, cinnamon, apple, and traditional caramel.

Homemade Treats

At home, you can prepare some tasty sweets that contain no sugar. It is possible to substitute real sugar with erythritol, a sugar alcohol that has no glycemic impact on the body. By combining this ingredient with melted unsweetened chocolate, it is possible to pour the contents into Halloween molds that appear ghoulish.

Candy lovers may find it difficult to preserve their dental health, but it is important to try. By replacing sugar-packed sweets with sugar-free alternatives, a person will lower his or her chances of developing cavities. The above treats are just a sampling of the options available. As Halloween approaches, you may be interested in more dental health tips. Dr. Lynn Monstwil is available to help her patients enjoy a healthy and spooktacular holiday. Call for a consultation today.

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