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Athletic Mouthguards
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Did you know tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body? While strong and durable, leaving your teeth exposed during physical activity leaves them vulnerable to accidents and damage. At Abidin, DDS & Cao, DDS, we want our patients’ natural smiles to last as long as possible. Our custom oral appliances can help protect your smile! Schedule your visit with our office to learn more or to get started on your mouthguard today.

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Athletic Mouthguards FAQs

Sports and recreation activities involving frequent contact with other players or collisions place you or other players at risk of dental trauma or soft tissue injury. An athletic mouthguard generally covers the upper teeth to help cushion blows to the face. If you play a contact sport or participate in recreation activities, an athletic mouthguard can reduce the risk of sports-related dental injury!

Mouthguards are mainly used to prevent dental injuries. If you’ve considered a mouthguard, you may likely have noticed the option to purchase a generic mouthguard online or in-store. However, generic mouthguards aren’t likely to provide as much comfort and protection to prevent dental injuries. Generic mouthguards also may deteriorate quicker. At Abidin, DDS & Cao, DDS, our custom oral appliances are fitted and crafted with highly durable material to protect your smile comfortably.

Preventive dental services are the best way to keep your smile healthy. Besides custom mouthguards for sports, our office also provides nightguards for bruxism. Our affordable nightguards and mouthguards can help prevent costly dental injuries. We’ll discuss pricing for your custom oral appliance at your consultation and provide you with the information you need for financing. If you’d like to learn more now on how to get affordable nightguards and mouthguards, visit our financial page .

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