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Tooth-Colored Dental Filling Treatments in
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Our best advice for avoiding tooth decay involves sticking to a thorough at-home oral care routine and visiting our office regularly for expert dental cleanings and exams. However, you or a family member may need a filling here and there despite your best efforts, and if that’s the case, our team will be happy to help! To schedule an appointment with our team, please give our front office a call or send us a message so we can set a date for your next visit.

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Dental Fillings FAQs

Cavities do not always come with noticeable symptoms, which is why we always recommend that patients visit our office for biannual cleanings and exams. If you happen to notice one or more of the following symptoms, it may be a sign that you need a dental filling.

  • Recurring Toothache
  • Sudden Tooth Sensitivity to Hot or Cold
  • Visible Holes in Teeth
  • Black or Brown Spots on Teeth

Dental fillings are one of the least invasive restorative procedures, especially if the cavity is small. Each procedure begins with an injection of local anesthetic, which feels like a small pinch in the gums. After that, the treatment is completely painless, although you may feel some pressure during certain points. Your mouth may feel strange after leaving your appointment, but you shouldn’t experience much pain at all, just a little discomfort at most.

It would be great if tooth decay could heal itself, but unfortunately, there are no home remedies or tricks for restoring the decayed area on a tooth. Once decay develops, it will have to be removed and replaced, otherwise it will continue to spread, and more invasive treatments like root canal treatments could become necessary. The best way to avoid dental fillings is by taking great care of your teeth and attending your regularly scheduled cleanings and exams. Fortunately, when you do need a dentist near you that offers fillings, we have you covered.

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