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Prevention Tips: Biting And Chewing

When you think of your mouth, good food and dental care come to mind. You can start with some prevention tips to ensure your oral health.

Biting and Chewing Food

When it comes to your oral health, all foods are not created equal. This is not limited to sugary treats. There are many products that are otherwise healthy that can harm your oral health.

When you eat something that is difficult to bite or chew, it may damage your teeth. You can chip or break a tooth, or it can wear down your tooth enamel.

Foods that are excessively hard are in this category. Chewy products such as fresh, raw vegetables can be as harmful as chewy candies.

When you are planning your diet, emphasize foods that are easy to bite and chew. While chewing is necessary for a healthy jaw, it should not be difficult or cause discomfort. One easy tip is to shred your fresh vegetables into small pieces, instead of biting into a whole vegetable.

Biting and Chewing Foreign Objects

Many people who bite and chew foreign objects develop the habit when they are young children. Teach your kids to avoid this habit, or help them break the habit if it has already started.

Fingernails, pencils, and similar objects do not belong in one’s mouth. You may even find yourself absentmindedly chewing on your toothbrush as you brush your teeth.

Foreign objects can harm tooth enamel, and they can also cause jaw problems. It is definitely a habit to avoid.

Prevention Tips For Oral Health

A large part of oral health involves using your mouth for its intended purpose. If you have trouble breaking these habits, you can consult with your dentist for advice. You can enjoy tasty, nutritious food, and reduce your risk of oral problems.

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