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Make Oral Health Fun

When you have a healthy mouth, you will be able to show off an inviting smile and enjoy a positive well-being. This is why it is vital to teach young children the value of following a solid oral health routine. Unfortunately, it may become a bit boring. To make things more fun and exciting, here are some helpful dental tips that will keep your kids engaged.

Create Positive Rewards

Everyone should brush and floss daily. To encourage your child to complete the tasks, you can create a calendar and mark off each successful day with a sticker. When the month is finished, your child can be rewarded with something special. For example, let your child pick a special dessert or watch an extra hour of television.

Experiment with Flavors

To make brushing and flossing more fun, let your child experiment with a variety of toothpaste flavors. As long as the brand is approved by the American Dental Association, it will keep his or her teeth clean. Also, when it comes time to replace his or her toothbrush, you can let your child select a fancy new item.

Turn Up The Music

It is advised to play some music while your kids brush their teeth. The ADA recommends brushing for two minutes, which can seem like an eternity. However, playing a favorite song will lighten the mood and make brushing more fun. When the music ends, your children will have completed the right amount of brush time without any hassles.

Taking care of your mouth should not feel like a monotonous chore. At Lynn Monstwil, DDS, we want to help you and your entire family become excited about developing a positive oral health routine. For dental tips that will bring some fun to your day, call our office and schedule a visit.

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