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How Coffee Affects Your Teeth

As the autumn season hits, the weather is slowly getting cooler. To warm up, you may find yourself drinking more and more coffee each day. Unfortunately, this may have negative effects on your oral health. Here is a closer look at how coffee affects your teeth.


Everyone wants a white and beautiful smile. However, coffee is known to make your teeth appear yellow. This beverage contains tannins, which are kinds of polyphenol that break down in water. These cause color compounds to stick to your teeth and leave behind an unpleasant yellowish tinge.

To prevent these stains, it is vital to visit your dentist for regular cleanings. Some dental experts suggest brushing with baking soda a few times a month. Also, enjoying lemons and strawberries, which contain acid and fiber, will help break down bacteria and keep teeth whiter.


Coffee works with the bacteria in your mouth to make acids. These acids cause enamel to erode. As teeth become thin, they are more likely to be affected by decay.

Bad Breath

Coffee is known to cause halitosis as well. As you drink a cup, it sticks to your tongue and causes bacteria to multiply. As a result, your breath will suffer.

To keep your mouth smelling fresh, it is advised to brush your teeth and to rinse your mouth after drinking a cup. Also, a tongue scraper can be used to remove extra bacteria from your mouth.

Although most people like to indulge in a cup of coffee each day, drinking too much may be harmful to your teeth. To keep your mouth healthy, it is vital to follow a regular dental hygiene routine. For more advice on how to guard your teeth from coffee damage, consult with Dr. Lynn Monstwil. She will provide tips and top dental care so that your smile is preserved.

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