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Dental Tips For Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, you are probably getting ready for a delicious feast. Unfortunately, some foods may be bad for your oral health. Many items are rich in sugar, which can lead to decay. By following a few dental tips, you will be able to enjoy many tasty treats without worries.

Avoid Sticky and Sweet Foods

Although you may be tempted by stuffing, sweet potatoes, and other gooey treats, these items commonly stick to your teeth and become lodged in grooved spaces. This means that they remain in your mouth for prolonged periods of time, which heightens the risks for cavities.

Eat One Meal

Even though your home may be filled with a ton of food options on Thanksgiving, it is better for your teeth to sit down to the table and enjoy one large meal. When you graze throughout the day, your saliva never has a chance to neutralize, so it remains acidic. This allows bacteria to go to work and to eat through your enamel. Also, when you eat one large meal, you will feel full and not snack all day.

Fill Your Plate with Healthy Food

Although the Thanksgiving table is probably filled with sweet comfort foods, there are healthier options that can be just as tasty and better for your teeth. For example, eating crunchy celery and carrots will help stimulate your gums and eliminate plaque from your teeth’s surface. These also encourage saliva production, which neutralizes bacteria. Cranberries are smart choices as well.

Arrive Prepared

If you are traveling to a friend or loved one’s home for Thanksgiving, you should bring a travel toothbrush. As soon as you are finished eating, you can excuse yourself and rinse your mouth.

For more dental tips that will keep your mouth healthy this Thanksgiving, consult with Dr. Lynn Monstwil. She dedicates her time toward keeping your teeth in top condition. She will help you celebrate the holiday without worries.

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