Teeth Friendly Snacks For School Lunches

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With a new school term approaching, it is time to think about school lunches.  You can choose a variety of snacks for your child's lunchbox that are good for his/her teeth.  

Crunchy Snacks For Healthy Teeth. Crunchy snacks stimulate the natural flow of saliva, and help keep your child's teeth clean.  There are some fresh, raw fruits and vegetables in this category.  Carrots, apples, celery, and even sticks of broccoli can be added to your child's lunchbox.

Seeds For Healthy Teeth. Even if nuts are not allowed in his school due to common allergies, your youngster can have seeds with his lunch.  Some options for back to school snacks include sesame seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. Seeds remove plaque, and helps saliva flow.  You can choose individual packets of seeds, or mix a variety of seeds in a small container. 

Calcium For Your Child's Teeth. Your youngster should be drinking milk with his lunch, but there are snacks that can also contribute to a calcium-rich diet.  Calcium will keep his teeth strong and healthy. There are many different types of cheeses, and most kids love them all.  For optimum benefits, choose hard cheese.  Individual cheese snacks make a healthy addition to his lunch. Yogurt is another calcium-rich option.  Choose cups of sugar-free yogurt for the best results. 

Dental Tips For School Lunches. Popular options for snacks are not always the best choices for children's teeth.  In addition to avoiding sugary snacks, avoid acidic foods and unrefined starches.  They can harm your child's tooth enamel. 

Healthy choices do not have to end when he goes back to school.  He can enjoy tasty, fun snacks that are good for his teeth.

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